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Marketing Toolkits

Introducing Marketing Toolkits

When it comes to marketing your business online, content is king, and nowhere is that more true than over social media and email marketing. Unlike a website, where content is designed to be both search-friendly and sales-focused, social media and email content is tasked with keeping your audience consistently engaged. It’s not easy to do, which is why it’s crucial you have the right content for the job.

For over 30 years, Market Focus, Inc. helped mortgage and real estate professionals increase their sales with high quality, industry-specific content bundled with marketing automation. As you know, there are many marketing tools available, but they lack good content, which is time consuming and requires skills to create. We are often asked if we can provide just the marketing content without the automation tools. 

Based on these requests, we created marketing toolkits for the mortgage and real estate professional. These toolkits contain a wide variety of content such as videos, social media posts and email which can be used with the tools you are already using. 

Click the images below to see what’s included.