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About Us

Social Media Marketing, Simplified

BlazingSocial is a solution built for time-strapped business owners and independent sales professionals who understand the importance of social media marketing. Our parent company, Market Focus, has long been helping companies address their marketing concerns, and we’ve seen far too many Twitter and Facebook accounts abandoned because free time just isn’t a luxury.

Fresh, Consistent Expert Content

Creating great social media content takes man hours. There’s the time someone must take to do the research. There’s more time devoted to creating shareable images or videos for social networks. And then there’s the challenge of remaining consistent, posting every day or every other day in a cadence that your followers can become accustomed to.

We work with a wide variety of industry experts to source well-researched, accurate content related to your business. We then create different types of content and media based on that research — content containing information your potential customers will find useful. And finally, we provide the platform. BlazingSocial offers an easy way for businesses to view available pieces of content and schedule them however they wish. You can choose the exact tweets and updates you want to have post and exert as much control as you wish. Or you can simply set it and forget it, allowing our newest bits of social content to post as they become available.

With BlazingSocial, social media has never been more easy.

Book Your Walk-through Today

We’re eager to show you exactly how BlazingSocial works and how it can save you time and money on your social media efforts. Reach out to the BlazingSocial team today to book a demo of our platform and get an in-depth look at how BlazingSocial can simplify your social media marketing and help you generate online leads.

About Market Focus, Inc.

Market Focus, Inc. is a software development company dedicated to providing innovative products and services for the mortgage, real estate, and insurance industries. Its flagship product, called Mortgage Quest, is the first database marketing system designed specifically for the mortgage industry. First released in 1992, Mortgage Quest has evolved into the one of the most sophisticated database marketing and customer process management systems available today. It contains proven automated marketing strategies and content to increase sales, and provides customer focused email communication using a secure and all-inclusive platform. With over 20,000 clients in the United States, Canada and New Zealand, Market Focus is a leader in automated database marketing and business process management technology.

All sales professionals have the same basic goals and objectives of staying in contact with prospects and past clients to increase sales, generate referrals, promote customer loyalty and communicate key information in a secure email environment. As a result of its success in the mortgage industry, Market Focus expanded its product line with Market Quest for real estate, and insurance.  All industries can benefit from using Market Focus’ proven automated marketing strategies and content.

Market Focus is an industry leader in developing easy-to-use and state-of-the-art marketing and CRM solutions. We invite you to become another satisfied Market Focus customer! Visit www.emarketfocus.com for information on our CRM and email marketing services. 

Market Focus, Inc. 2307 Fenton Parkway, #134, San Diego CA 92108