Mortgage Quest

Mortgage Quest For Loan Originators

Mortgage Quest is an automated marketing and CRM system designed for the mortgage industry. It provides a variety of industry-specific marketing content and strategies to increase sales from prospects, past customers, and referral partners, such as Realtors.

The main goal of all marketing is to generate leads that turn into sales. But not all leads are the same. The best leads are referrals from customers and referral partners, such as Realtors. The close ratio for referrals can be as high as 95%. Mortgage Quest has proven automated marketing strategies to help you increase sales from referrals and close more prospects. 


Automated marketing combined with professional, industry-specific content increases your sales dramatically.


Prospect Marketing Videos

Do you want to beat 75% of your competition? Surveys show that 70%-80% of sales are made after 5-10 contacts. But 50% of sales professionals never follow up and 25% stop after the second contact.

Mortgage Quest helps you stay in contact with prospects looking to obtain home purchase loans with informative and effective video emails. This shows that you as a “Trusted Advisor” and convinces your prospects to select you as their loan professional. Mortgage Quest’s prospect campaigns are automated so you can continually stay in contact with all your leads easily and “Set It and Forget It”.

Mortgage videos are effective because:

  • Grabs your prospect’s attention quickly
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Helps build brand awareness
  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Influences prospects to take action
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Clients For Life Marketing

Do you consistently stay in contact with your past customers and realtor partners, such as Realtors? These people can provide you with a wealth of sales from referrals and repeat business. Most loan officers don’t stay in contact after the sale because they don’t have time and it’s difficult to do manually. Mortgage Quest also helps you stay in front of everyone in  your database with weekly Real Estate Report newsletters with zero effort. This strategy increases sales 20-30% per year from referrals from past customers and Realtors! 

Holiday & Birthday Email Marketing

Holiday and birthday ecards are a great way to stay in contact with everyone in your database, and a great opportunity to make people feel good.

Database Marketing

Your database of past customers contains invaluable information. As marketing conditions change, Mortgage Quest can search your past customers based on any field, such as interest rate, loan amount, loan program, or close date and find high value prospects. For example, as interest rates drop, you can search for past clients who may benefit by refinancing.

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