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Want social media content that actually results in more business?

That’s the dream. 

But it feels like too much work, right?

Not with BlazingSocial.

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Meet Your New

Social Media Sidekick – BlazingSocial

BlazingSocial automates social media for mortgage brokers and real estate pros. 

Your job? Just keep doing what your doing and make more sales.


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What do users like most about BlazingSocial?

So what do you actually get out of it all?

More than just great posts and increased engagement.

More Traffic

Customized calls to action (CTAs) are proven to drive more clicks. So, where will those clicks lead? Online application, mortgage calculator, meeting calendar, website—you decide.

More Qualified Leads

“Hey, I’ve been following you on socials. I can’t even express how useful your content is. Anyway, I’m moving on to the next step, and your name is the first one I thought of!”

More Business

When you deliver valuable content that helps your audience day after day, you’re building relationships. You’re earning trust. You’re positioning yourself as the industry expert—the obvious choice.

It’s Automatic

We set up everything. Then it all happens for you automatically. BlazingSocial posts to all major social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, X, TikTok, and YouTube, so you don’t have to.

Niche-Specific Content They Care About

Not just specific to mortgage and real estate—specific to your niche. So, it’s not just social media marketing. It’s mortgage and real estate social media marketing. The type of content that’s current, useful, and actually matters to your audience… and gets them to click.

Professionally Produced Content

We’re talking studio-quality visual content like videos and infographics. The stuff proven to earn more engagement (videos generate 1,200% more shares than both images and text). The type of content you’d get from wildly expensive marketing companies…

For Way Less Than a Marketing Company

Less than $100 a month. For continual, professionally produced social media content that works.

All Branded With Your Photo, Logo & Contact Info

That video that just got 8,500 shares? It’s got your logo on it. That’s why those leads are visiting your site, following your socials, and reaching out to you.

Are these posts really that great?

Yeah. See for yourself…

Engaging videos

Search engines love video. That means more reach—and more opportunities to increase your online presence.

With BlazingSocial, you can deliver a variety of mortgage and real estate video content targeting first-time homebuyers, general buyers, and home sellers. Plus videos for people interested in reverse mortgages, FHA, VA, and other types of loans.

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Relevant real estate, mortgage, and economic news

Post content that matters right now. Content your audience can use right now.

That’s the key to thought leadership. And more followers. And more engagement. And more of everything else you want.

Posts with a human touch

You won’t just be an industry only content robot. You’ll post things like tasteful holiday messages and inspirational quotes.

And it’s all branded with your photo and logo. So you’ll be fostering a sense of community—your community.

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A variety of post styles—videos, infographics, and more.

With enough niche-specific content to post 12+ times per week.

Including 3 brand-new real estate, mortgage, and economic trends posts every single week.


Mortgage & Real Estate News

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Interest Rate Trends

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Economic Commentary

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Mortgage Advice

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Commercial Real Estate Advice

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Real Estate Advice

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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

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SBA Loans

Why not just go with a social media content agency?

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Most marketing agencies don’t understand mortgage and real estate regulations. We do. That’s why our content is 100% compliant.

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Spend thousands of dollars a month with an agency, or less than $100 with BlazingSocial.

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Agencies don’t really get the niche. At a high level, sure. But will they serve valuable content that provides info nobody else does?

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With an agency, you’re the project manager. That means constant communication keeping you from closing deals.

Stop losing business to that guy who’s pretty good on social media.

Close the gap. Then close more deals.

The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger. Whether you’re a loan officer or real estate pro, you’ll be putting out content that earns you new business.

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Have Questions?

Let’s connect to discuss your marketing goals and how BlazingSocial can help.

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Request a demo to learn more about BlazingSocial and how it works. 

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We’ll email you current weekly economic news and industry posts.

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