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When it comes to marketing your business, content is king, and nowhere is that more important than with social media and email marketing. Unlike a website, where content is designed to be both search-friendly and sales-focused, social media and email content is tasked with keeping your audience consistently engaged. It’s not easy to do, which is why it’s crucial you have the right marketing content for the job.

For over 30 years, Market Focus, Inc. has helped over 25,000 mortgage and real estate professionals increase their sales with high quality, industry-specific content, and marketing automation. But as you know, there are many marketing automation tools available, but they lack good content, which is time consuming and requires skills to create.

Our Real Estate Marketing Toolkit contains a wide variety of marketing content such as videos, social media posts, and email which can be used with the marketing automation tools you are already using. Of course, if you are looking for marketing automation as well, we have systems that deliver our content automatically. 

Real Estate Videos

It’s no secret that people prefer video for entertainment and information. This is especially true with social media marketing. Your results skyrocket with high quality and engaging video. Plus search engines favor video. Impress your followers with many different types of videos for first time home buyers, FHA, VA, reverse mortgage and more.

Real estate videos are effective because:

  • Grab your audience’s attention quickly
  • Increase engagement on social media platforms
  • Generates 1200% more shares than both images and text
  • Branded with your photo, logo and contact information
  • Increases traffic to your website

The Real Estate Marketing Toolkit Includes

  • Branded video files (MP4)
  • Branded video email files (HTML)
  • Social media video posts
  • Video blog for websites

Digital Newsletters

The toolkit contains two digital newsletter options to stay in contact with your prospects, clients and referral partners. Sending high quality and informative newsletters builds customer loyalty, closes more sales, and generates more referrals.

  • Weekly Real Estate Report Newsletter
  • Monthly Client For Life Newsletter

Real Estate Report Newsletter

The Real Estate Report is a weekly newsletter for the real estate industry. It keeps everyone on your email list up to date with current economic, mortgage, and real estate news. See Example

Client For Life Newsletter

The Client For Life newsletter is a monthly interactive newsletter with a wide variety of informative, home-related topics. It is a hosted newsletter, branded with your information. See Example

Economic, Real Estate and Mortgage News Social Media Posts

The key to social media marketing is posting timely, relevant and engaging content consistently. 

We create industry social media posts every week that you can post to your social media accounts. These posts enhance your professional image as an industry expert and thought leader.

If you want more followers, it’s important to be a source of useful information. Our weekly news posts give your visitors a reason to follow you.

Weekly industry news posts are effective because they: 

  • Connect with your audience
  • Are branded with your photo and logo to stand out from competitors
  • Drive traffic to your website with call to action links
  • Position you as an industry expert
  • Give your audience a reason to follow you

The Real Estate Marketing Toolkit Includes

  • Weekly economic news posts
  • Weekly real estate news posts
  • Weekly mortgage news posts

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