Common Social Media Mistakes

Being Too Inconsistent

Inconsistency refers to not making regular posts or not always tailoring the posts to your targeted audience. If you have a goal to make three posts each week, then stick to it no matter what. Chances are your followers expect it, so they will assume something is wrong if you become inconsistent or stop posting completely. Sometimes it’s difficult to be consistent, though, so working with a can help you stay on track and keep your followers engaged with consistent content.

Not Addressing Bad Reviews 

Every company wants to see positive reviews about their products or services. However, you can’t ignore the inevitable bad reviews. You can’t please every single person with what you offer, but you can be great at customer service and try to make it right for them. When you see a customer post a bad review, address it immediately and offer to rectify the situation separately. When other customers see you interact with a disgruntled customer in a professional manner, your reputation may take a boost instead of a hit.

Selling Your Product or Service Too Much

Making a positive impact on your company’s bottom line is always a part of a strategy. However, if you make sales posts about your product or service every day or multiple times each day, your followers will get tired of seeing your posts and may unfollow you. A social media management company may suggest making the majority of your posts about relevant content to your industry while sprinkling in some posts about your products or services once or twice a week. 

Blazing Social offers social media services to companies that may be struggling with their social media marketing strategy. Or you may have a great strategy in place but don’t have the time or resources to carry it out. Whichever category you fall in, we are here to help. We have experience in various industries and can tailor strategies based on the industry and your specific organization. When you’re ready to take your social media marketing efforts to the next level, to set u

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