Don’t Let Social Media Marketing Feel Like a Black Hole

The ideas and concepts behind social media marketing are exciting when you think about the possible audience you can reach. However, implementing those concepts can be more challenging than you initially thought, especially when you’re just starting a business. To an extent, can feel like a black hole where you don’t even know where to begin. Success isn’t going to happen overnight, but starting the right way can slowly build your reputation, increase engagement, drive traffic and boost your bottom line. Here are some effective tips to consider.

Utilize Facebook Effectively

Facebook is usually the first place new businesses start with their social media strategy, and for good reasons. One of the best ways to use the platform for lead generation is by using Facebook lead ads. These are particularly designed for mobile ads, where when a consumer clicks on an ad, they will see a page open within Facebook without having to leave the app itself. You can customize Facebook lead ads depending on the audience you’re targeting. Be sure to also incorporate some sort of call to action for the consumer, giving them an easy way to sign up, subscribe or learn more about your products or services.

What Fuels Engagement?

Consumers today love to feel like they can connect with any given company. A successful social media marketing strategy is hosting various contests. You can customize your contests however you want with a grand prize or multiple giveaways. The main thing is to limit the amount of information you require from the consumer since asking for too much information could drive them away. But even if you don’t like the idea of holding big contests, you can incorporate quick polls, surveys or simply ask your followers questions with your social media posts. People enjoy engaging with brands and you can get valuable feedback in return many times. 

Referral Programs Are Valuable

Possibly the most successful social media marketing strategy any company can implement is a good referral program. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful type of marketing in virtually any industry. And it’s even more effective when consumers receive a reward for referring other customers. Offering those customers a discount on their next purchase is well worth it when you consider the additional business the referral could potentially bring in. You’ll be surprised at how quickly word gets around about your referral program, especially if it’s a great deal for consumers.

Blazing Social studies all the social media marketing trends and always stays ahead of them. For a new business owner, we know how challenging it can be to engage with customers right away. The right social media strategy can be monumental in starting your marketing efforts off on the right track. Our goal is to help you reach your goals without having to jump through hoops to do so. Never hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we work and how we can help your social media marketing efforts.

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