How to Get People to Share Your Content on Social Media

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Brand exposure is what every company strives for when it comes to social media. With millions of people using social media, it’s a good strategy to incorporate into your overall marketing plan. One of the struggles businesses have is trying to figure out how to get more people to share their content. Working with a social media agency can help, and here are some valuable social media marketing ideas you can incorporate into your strategy.

Properly Use Influencers

Social media influencers are not the traditional influencers you might be thinking of. While movie celebrities might have a large following, getting them to share your content might not be as effective as you think. A social media influencer is someone who has established themselves as an expert and trustworthy figure online. They have a strong following of people who trust them and have a deep connection to them. And if that trusted influencer shares your content, then their audience knows they can trust you in return. Reach out to an influencer you trust and work to build a strong relationship with them so you can both benefit.

Start A Contest Or Giveaway

One of the most common social media marketing ideas to encourage people to share your content is to start a contest or giveaway. You could choose a random person who shares your post to give a free product to as long as the post is shared 1,000 times. It only takes a consumer a couple of seconds to share your post, and if they have a chance to get something in return, then they are more likely to do it.

Ask People To Share Your Content

This might seem too easy to be true, but the truth is businesses don’t ask consumers to share their content enough. The call-to-action people put on their websites or blogs usually revolves around buying a product or contacting them. Instead, think about asking your readers to share your content on social media if they liked it. Chances are you’ll get more people sharing it than you will people contacting you depending on the type of content. 

Blazing Social offers social media services to boost your brand exposure. We are more than just a social media agency that crunches numbers and data. Our goal is to understand your business thoroughly so we can help you achieve your overall goals. Sharing social media content is a great way to increase your following, so contact us today to see how we can help.

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