Lean on LinkedIn to Promote Your Online Brand

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Social media is one of the best ways to get your business visible online. Exposing your business on various social media platforms is a good idea to reach different audiences. However, every online digital marketing strategy should have a focus, and LinkedIn is a great platform to focus on to promote your online brand. The connections you make on LinkedIn are business connections, which may or may not turn into customers. The more business relationships you create, the stronger your overall brand will be and you’ll build a solid foundation that can lead to other social media marketing ideas in the future. 

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

More than 500 million individuals and companies use LinkedIn and many of them use it as their primary networking platform. However, you can’t simply create a LinkedIn account and expect connections to come in by the dozens. You have to build a solid profile and be active with other users to develop strong enough relationships to earn connections. 

LinkedIn profile optimization involves putting your brand logo as the profile image, telling your audience exactly who you are as a company, what you believe in, what you do and why customers should believe in your products or services. Of course, keywords and SEO are a big part of how to make your LinkedIn profile visible, but don’t overlook the value of the emotional aspect as well. Customers want to see what your company is about and how they can benefit from it, and LinkedIn is a platform to do it on.

Be Genuine With Each Connection

One thing you’ll quickly learn with online digital marketing is potential customers can identify if you’re genuinely concerned about their best interests. When you earn a new LinkedIn connection, reach out to them and introduce yourself and thank them for connecting with you. Small steps like this can go a long way in boosting your online brand and creating a positive business reputation. The quality of your connections is just as important as the quantity.

LinkedIn Can Generate Business Leads

The more businesspeople you can connect with through LinkedIn, the better the chances are of generating business leads. You can accomplish this by participating in LinkedIn group discussions, sharing content regularly and interacting with other business owners. The world of social media for small business owners can be tricky, but the more you interact genuinely with other like-minded people, the more leads you can create to help you grow your business and build your online brand.

Blazing Social is here to help business owners come up with social media marketing ideas you may have never thought of before. LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social media platforms, but too many business owners don’t utilize it to their advantage. We can help you create a strategy that increases your number of connections and provide you with tips on how to boost your brand. If you have any questions about how we can help, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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