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What You Need to Know About Social Mentions

Small businesses with social media accounts are likely being discussed online, whether it’s good or bad. When developing a social media marketing strategy, one of the goals you set may be to increase engagements and interactions, which could naturally increase … Read More

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Are You Actively Social Listening?

One of the most defining characteristics of social media is sharing information, ideas, thoughts, opinions, content, and more among the community. Sharing social media content is a fun thing to participate in, but you also have to listen to what’s … Read More

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Lean on LinkedIn to Promote Your Online Brand

Social media is one of the best ways to get your business visible online. Exposing your business on various social media platforms is a good idea to reach different audiences. However, every online digital marketing strategy should have a focus, … Read More

social media strategy

How to Incorporate Social Media Into the Customer Journey

Customers don’t like to be sold a product or service. Rather, they would like to be presented with information about your product or service and be allowed to make an informed decision based on it. This is true whether you’re … Read More

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The Importance of Online Reputation and How it Impacts Business

The vast majority of people who purchase goods and services today will conduct an online search before doing so. Not only are those consumers looking for positive reviews on the product or service, but they also want to know about … Read More

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