3 Ways to Reach the Millennial Age Group on Your Social Media

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No matter what industry you’re in, marketing to the millennial age group has to be a priority. This age group is quickly becoming one of the largest groups of consumers and they tend to be vastly different than other age groups. Generating social media content is a good strategy in general, but you have to know exactly what your millennial consumers want to see. They spend a significant amount of their time online and on social media platforms, so finding something that catches their attention and keeps them engaged is key. There isn’t a single social marketing strategy that works across the board, but here are three of the best to consider.

Obtain and Share Customer Reviews

Millennials like hearing the opinions of others before making a purchase of any kind. And what’s different from other generations is the majority of millennials would prefer to see and hear opinions from people they don’t know. This is why companies must obtain customer reviews and testimonials and share them as part of their social marketing strategy. Millennials may not necessarily engage or interact with you directly as a result of these, but you can almost guarantee they are keeping them in mind and always looking. The more reviews you can share, the more trust you’ll build with them.

Find Ways To Relate To Millennials

The millennial age group wants to feel a personal connection with the organizations they do business with. Marketing experts have to be specific when targeting their audience. Otherwise, they will lose interest quickly. Catching their attention with a statistic or a graphic is one aspect, but you also have to keep them engaged by telling them why your product or service is perfect for them specifically. Creating a personal experience is essential when marketing through social media so it should be one of your top priorities.

Give Positive Compliments

Many of the things you hear about the millennial generation as a whole in the news have a negative association. And most people in this age group are tired of hearing about it. This gives you the perfect opportunity to take the opposite approach and give them compliments and positive statements. When your social media content praises the millennial group, you’ll quickly get their attention and they will be more likely to do business with you.

Blazing Social understands there are many different twists and turns to navigate with any social marketing strategy. You may have different age groups to appeal to and can’t seem to find the perfect strategy. Just know you’re not alone and we have helped many different companies in various industries enhance their social media marketing strategies quickly and for the long-term. For more tips and advice on your social media marketing, contact us at any time.

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