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What Is The Best Shareable Content?

What Is The Best Sharable Content? Infographics. Infographics are visual representations of information and knowledge that are designed to convey ideas or concepts in a clear and concise way. The image below is a great example of an infographic. You … Read More

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How to Increase Sales Through Social Media Marketing

Understanding a customer’s journey through the sales funnel is essential for reaching your company’s sales goals. A major part of the sales funnel today that wasn’t present several years ago is social media. Consumers look for social media content to … Read More

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Hashtags are More Valuable Than You Think

Hashtags are arguably the most overused element in all of social media. The average person will use random hashtags that sound good, are funny, and sometimes not relevant at all. As a small business owner, though, it’s important to understand … Read More

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4 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips

As a small business owner, you may have heard about the power of social media to help you grow your business. However, simply posting social media content frequently isn’t enough to give you new customers and improve your bottom line. … Read More

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Which Social Media Metrics Should You Track?

The social media content you post for your business can either work for you or against you. The tricky part about developing a social media strategy is you often don’t know what will be most effective until you try a … Read More

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Does Your Social Media Have a Strong Content Strategy?

Marketing your brand on social media is a no-brainer today. However, without an effective social media marketing strategy, you could be spinning your wheels with ineffective processes that don’t lead to sales. Setting measurable goals can help you understand how … Read More

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Are You Actively Social Listening?

One of the most defining characteristics of social media is sharing information, ideas, thoughts, opinions, content, and more among the community. Sharing social media content is a fun thing to participate in, but you also have to listen to what’s … Read More

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Top Two Tips for Social Media Engagement

Putting together a social media strategy can be as complicated as you want it to be. Setting goals and analyzing metrics are important, but you don’t want to get too consumed with the numbers and forget about the most crucial … Read More

social marketing strategy

3 Ways to Reach the Millennial Age Group on Your Social Media

No matter what industry you’re in, marketing to the millennial age group has to be a priority. This age group is quickly becoming one of the largest groups of consumers and they tend to be vastly different than other age … Read More

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