What Is The Best Shareable Content?

What Is The Best Sharable Content?

Infographics. Infographics are visual representations of information and knowledge that are designed to convey ideas or concepts in a clear and concise way. The image below is a great example of an infographic. You can quickly see which type of content has the highest number of average shares.

All BlazingSocial posts are branded infographics with your photo and logo because they perform much better than simply writing text and adding a stock photo. We have professional graphic artists skilled in creating industry-specific infographics from a variety of sources.

Advantages of infographics include:

Simplification – Complex concepts are broken down into easily understandable components 

Retention – Visuals combined with text aids in better retention and understanding 

Communication – Transcends language barriers because they are visual 

Social Media Friendly – Infographic posts are shared more than other types of posts as shown below 

Decision-Making – Assists in the decision-making process of selecting who clients want to do business with

Conclusion: With social media, you get about 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention. To get the best possible marketing results, be sure to include infographics in your social media marketing.


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