How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

social media marketing plan

Most small business owners understand the benefits and importance of using social media for business, but they often don’t know exactly what they should be doing daily. Posting too much could annoy your audience to the point where they unfollow you. Not posting enough can hinder your company’s growth and lose your connections with your audience. There’s a balance you have to strike and we’ve explained some strategies you can use to improve your social media marketing plan.

Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

No matter how simple or complex your social media strategy is, never lose sight of the fact that you should always choose quality content over quantity. Everything you post needs to be relevant to your business or industry and should interest your audience. People don’t want their timelines to be flooded with too much information from one company, so you’re increasing the chances that they will unfollow you if you post too much. Think about the intent of each post and never make a post just because you haven’t done so in a few hours.

How Often To Post On Popular Social Media Platforms

So what’s a good social media strategy to implement for each social media platform? Here are some tips on the number of posts you should make depending on the platform you use:

  • Facebook – post no more than seven times each week. And if you’re posting about an event you’re hosting, be sure to post it a few days before the event rather than the day of.
  • Twitter – up to three tweets per day is sufficient to keep your audience engaged without flooding their timeline with too much information.
  • LinkedIn – since this is a professional platform, focus your posts primarily during the week and no more than one per day.
  • Instagram – one post per day is a good rule to follow for this platform.
  • Pinterest – this platform won’t overwhelm your followers as much as the others due to how it’s used, so you can make up to five posts per day and still retain your audience.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

As with any social media marketing plan, the goal of every post is to keep your audience engaged. If you aren’t increasing your engagement with your posting schedule, then it’s time to start looking for an alternative social media strategy. Most of the time businesses lose audience engagement when they focus on their post quantity rather than quality.

Blazing Social can help you develop a social media strategy suitable for your audience, so contact us today to put together an effective plan.

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