How to Extend Your Facebook Reach

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Extending your Facebook reach can seem like an uphill battle for many business owners. Relying solely on your audience to share your content isn’t going to get you where you want to be in most cases. Your social media strategy needs to revolve around the Facebook algorithm so your posts are seen by more eyes. Here are a few social media marketing tips that can help make it happen.

Engage In Conversations

With millions of users on Facebook, it’s an understatement to say there’s a lot of competition. The Facebook algorithm is designed to keep people scrolling through their feeds as long as possible. So they aren’t going to put posts with low engagement on those feeds as a result. 

A great way to get your audience to interact and engage with your content is to have conversations with them. Grab their attention by making a bold statement or asking a question that makes them think and compels them to respond. It’s a great social media strategy to get more comments on your posts, which the Facebook algorithm loves. Try responding to all of the comments on the post and you might strike up a few conversations along the way.

Utilize Facebook’s Video Tools

Any social media services will tell you video content is invaluable on Facebook. Over the years, Facebook has added various tools like Facebook Live, Facebook video, and Facebook Reels. Each of these features has unique characteristics depending on the type of video you want to create. For example, Facebook video allows for videos up to four hours long, while Facebook Reels only allow videos that don’t exceed one minute. Mix and match video content types based on what you’re promoting at the time.

Partner With Other Companies And Offer Promotions

Partnering with local businesses can be great for both sides. Of course, you don’t want to partner with a competing business, but there are likely plenty of complementary ones to work with. Co-branded contests or promotions can increase engagement and people who follow your partner company might be exposed to your company for the first time. Both companies benefit from these types of partnerships since it allows both to extend their reach.

Blazing Social can help you extend your Facebook reach organically. Working with the Facebook algorithm is tricky and it often requires experts from social media services to maximize effectiveness. Our team is ready to help take your business to new heights via social media, so contact us today to learn more about our services.

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