How to Measure Social Media Marketing Success

social marketing strategy

If you’re going to spend time, money, effort and resources on online digital marketing through social media, then it’s a wise decision to measure its success closely. Most of the time success in business is defined in terms of return on investment (ROI). While that is definitely a component of your social marketing strategy, there are likely plenty of other ways to define success with your particular campaign. Here are a few ways you can measure success with your social media content.

Look At Your Amplification Rates

Your social media followers are extremely valuable and can become even more valuable every time they share one of your posts. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to create engaging and meaningful social media content, so your followers will be compelled to share it with their followers. Your amplification rate is determined by the number of people who see your posts who are not currently your followers but follow someone who does follow you and shared your post. 

Conversation Rates Equate to an Engaged Audience

It’s easy to see how impactful social media content is by the number of conversations generated from it. Your conversation rate per post is a great measure of engagement, which could be a big part of your social marketing strategy. Conversations can happen between your followers, but also feel free to jump into them as well. Customers today want to feel connected to companies and they do so through social media. Joining in on conversations gives you a great opportunity to enhance your brand and build quality relationships with your customers.

Success is Measured Based on Your Goals

Your team should put together a complete social marketing strategy before every campaign. Part of that strategy includes setting measurable goals. You may want a certain amount of likes, shares or comments per post, gain a certain amount of followers in a month or anything else your team decides on. Success doesn’t have to be measured in dollars. As long as you have measurable goals set before beginning any campaign, then you can track them along the way to determine how successful it is.

Not sure what your next online digital marketing campaign should consist of? Blazing Social can help. We are a team of social media marketing experts and can design a comprehensive strategy around your organizational goals and the industry you operate in. A good social marketing strategy requires constant attention and monitoring, which some businesses simply don’t have the resources for. We are here to help solve that problem, so contact us today to see how we can be an asset to your business.

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