How to Tailor Your Social Media Depending on Which Generation is Your Audience

social media strategy

Being active on social media is critical to ensure your brand is widely known by your targeted audience. However, developing a social media strategy is often easier said than done. You have to think about many different factors when it comes to social media and marketing, and one of those factors is the generation of your target audience. We’ve explained how to tailor your social media marketing efforts based on the generation of your audience.

Generation Z

Generation Z includes people ages 18 to 24. This group spends a lot of time online every day, and much of that time is on social media. If you’re targeting this group, you should focus on creating a personalized experience based on your interactions with them. Engagement should also be high so your social media strategy should be tailored to understanding every aspect possible about a particular consumer.


Millennials fall into the 25 to 40 age group and what they want the most out of social media is to interact with other people and companies. They aren’t necessarily looking for personalized or unique experiences, but they might reach out to you for customer support via social media so be prepared to respond quickly.

Generation X

Generation X comprises people ages 41 to 56. This group likely won’t have an account for every social media platform in the book. They stick with what they know, which likely includes platforms like YouTube and Facebook. A good social media strategy for this group includes video advertising. When you’ve proven to be a valuable resource for a Generation X consumer, they are more likely to be loyal and won’t go anywhere else for their content.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers fall in the 57 to 74 age range. Many of these users have social media accounts to keep up with family and friends, but they also use them to discover new brands. They also like to research different products and services online, and social media is an important component of the research they do.

Social media for small business owners isn’t always easy. But when you partner with Blazing Social, we can take a lot of the heavy lifting into our own hands on your behalf. We can help you not only develop a solid social media strategy, but we can also help you discover your target audience. To learn more about how our services can help expand your reach and make your brand known, contact us today.

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