Is Organic Social Media Marketing Here to Stay?

social media marketing

Whether you’ve recently opened your business or if you’ve been established for several years, finding the perfect marketing plan can be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to social media marketing. With paid social media ads becoming the norm, businesses sometimes feel pressured to participate in the paid aspect of social media for business. While paid advertisements can build your followers and customer base, it likely won’t be as effective unless you already have a solid organic social media strategy. Here’s why organic social media marketing is here to stay.

Fill Up The Search Engine Result Pages With Your Name

When someone does a Google search for your business name, you want your business website to show up first in the search engine results. What’s even more beneficial is if you have an organic presence among different social media platforms, as well as Google My Business, and your business name shows up several times in the search engine result pages. The more your name is present in the search results, the higher the likelihood is for a customer to click on it. Plus, you receive instant credibility from a consumer when they see your name multiple times in one search.

Produce Live Content For Your Followers

One of the few things better than using pre-recorded videos for your audience is producing live content. You can use Instagram Stories or Facebook Live to promote a new product, give behind-the-scenes footage of an upcoming event you’re planning and much more. The level of engagement you receive with live content is very high and you can build your organic consumer base at the same time. Engagement is a vital part of any social media strategy, and live content is a great way to boost it.

Online Reviews Are Important To Consumers

Customers today want to read reviews before they try a business for the first time. Without any reviews, your business loses credibility. With too many negative reviews, you won’t seem trustworthy. And with nothing but positive reviews, customers may wonder whether you paid people to write good reviews for you. Organic reviews, good or bad, can help your business because customers seek them out on places like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Provide a place for your current customers to write reviews so potential new customers have easy access to read them.

Blazing Social is a firm believer in organic social media marketing being the foundation for any business marketing strategy. The challenges many businesses face is knowing exactly how to grow their organic customer base since there are so many other aspects of the business to focus on. That’s where we come in. Our experts can help you put together a comprehensive social media strategy and even help you implement it. We know you have other important things to focus on, so contact us today to see a demonstration of how we can help.

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