Which Social Media Metrics Should You Track?

social media strategy

The social media content you post for your business can either work for you or against you. The tricky part about developing a social media strategy is you often don’t know what will be most effective until you try a few different things. However, you can narrow down your strategy quicker and more effectively by tracking metrics to help you determine how effective any given action you took was. These are the most valuable social media metrics to measure, regardless of your preferred platform.

Social Media Reach

Measuring social media reach is one of the simplest online digital marketing tools. Simply use a specific hashtag to promote a product or service and monitor it for a certain amount of time. This metric shows you how many people saw your post, which indicates how many people viewed your product or service. You can assume that most of those people are interested in it, and you can compare the reach to sales to see if you need to focus more on pushing a sale.

Social Media Mentions

One of the main goals of a social media strategy is to get people to talk about your product, service, or company as a whole. Business owners should take a big-picture look at their social media mentions to see when people talk about their product the most. Some products or services are talked about more during the winter, for example, so that’s the time to run a promotion or focus more on your online digital marketing strategy.


When you measure interactions, you’re looking at the number of shares, likes, and comments of any given post so you can evaluate what interests your audience the most. Interactions don’t always lead to a sale definitively, but the more your audience interacts with a post, the more exposure it will get. And with the algorithms social media platforms use, they will usually put posts with the most interactions higher up on a user’s timeline, so it has a better chance of being viewed.

Share Of Voice

The share of voice social media metric is an important one to see how influential your social media content is. It paints a clear picture to help you determine whether you’re a leader in your industry or if you still have some work to do. The goal of a social media strategy is to spark discussions that lead to engagements and interactions, and ultimately a sale for your product or service. With a successful marketing campaign, you should enjoy your share of voice metric or see how it can be improved further.

Blazing Social evaluates social media metrics for companies every day to determine the most effective strategies. We have specialized experts in different industries, which is important since every strategy must be tailored differently. Social media marketing is all about measuring, evaluating, and executing, so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time for more tips and advice on how to develop your strategy.

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