Does Your Social Media Have a Strong Content Strategy?

social media content

Marketing your brand on social media is a no-brainer today. However, without an effective social media marketing strategy, you could be spinning your wheels with ineffective processes that don’t lead to sales. Setting measurable goals can help you understand how effective your social media strategy is and what adjustments could be made. Here are some characteristics of a strong social media content strategy to consider.

Understand Your Audience

This may seem like an obvious characteristic, but it’s important to know every aspect of your audience. Understanding your audience’s demographic information, what they are passionate about, what they need, and how they interact on social media are all critical factors to know. Instead of assuming you know this information and tailoring your social media strategy based on assumptions, study and evaluate their online behavior, so you can incorporate language and topics that will grab their attention.

Evaluate Your Competition

Evaluating your competition is necessary for creating a solid social media marketing strategy. Not only should you see what works well for them, but also what doesn’t work as well so you can avoid making the same mistakes. You may not know exactly what your competitors’ overall goals are, but you can get a sense of the direction they are going. The best social media strategy takes bits and pieces of the most effective aspects of the competition and incorporates them creatively into your own.

Create Quality Content That Leads To Sales

When you get so focused on quantity rather than quality when it comes to content, it can be easy to lose sight of the overall goal of generating sales from that content. Understanding the sales funnel and how readers interact with content can guide you when creating new content. At the very least, every piece of content should have a call-to-action at the end, so a reader knows what they need to do after reading it. Social media content with no call-to-action or other language to promote a sale likely won’t give you the results you desire.

Set Clear Goals And Measure Them Regularly

There are many moving parts and aspects to consider when developing a social media strategy. For this reason, it’s critical to set clear goals that can be measured and adjusted along your journey. Your goals at first may be to increase impressions or engagements by 10% without focusing on sales. But then you can also see if there is a correlation between the number of engagements with the number of sales made. This is just one example of setting a clear and measurable goal, and you can tailor those goals to the success you wish to achieve.

Blazing Social can help your business create a social media marketing strategy to take your company to the next level. A mix of business-specific and industry-wide content pieces can appeal to a wide range of people and ultimately lead to more interactions with your content. We can design a social media strategy with your industry in mind, so contact us today to see how we can help.

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