How to Incorporate Social Media Into the Customer Journey

social media strategy

Customers don’t like to be sold a product or service. Rather, they would like to be presented with information about your product or service and be allowed to make an informed decision based on it. This is true whether you’re talking about traditional marketing, online marketing or even social media marketing. The customer journey to buying a product and being a loyal customer involves various stages, and social media is a big part of it.

Brand Association

With social media marketing, the first step is to create brand recognition so customers know what to expect when they see your logo. This can involve creating unique and engaging content, telling your audience exactly what your brand stands for and what distinguishes you from the competition. One of the main goals of any social media strategy is to make sure your customers know exactly what to expect when they interact with your brand.

Show Customers How You Can Help Them Through Social Media

A great way to build trust with your customers is to show them how you can solve their problems. First, begin by telling them what their problems could be and educating them on what the solution is. You can’t expect your first interaction with them to lead to a sale or become a loyal customer, so consistent meaningful content is necessary. Avoid being too salesy in your approach with social media marketing and instead develop creative ways to show how you can help your customers.

Be Personal and Engaging With Customers

Customers want to feel like you are speaking directly to them rather than to a large audience. Targeted online marketing is nothing new, but this becomes even more important when you incorporate social media into the equation. Be honest and open with your potential customers on social media, ask them questions, reply to their inquiries and be engaging as much as possible to earn their trust.

Turn First-Time Customers Into Repeat Customers

Once you’ve earned the trust of your audience and they know exactly what your brand is about, make them feel comfortable with buying your product or service. A good social media strategy is to offer a discount or a free trial to let them get a taste of exactly what you have to offer. Then once they become a customer, continue engaging with them on a personal level to keep them as repeat customers.

Blazing Social believes personal marketing efforts go a long way in earning the trust of customers. The customer journey is an interesting one to study, especially considering every person has their own views and reasons for buying a product or service. There’s no perfect one-size-fits-all social media marketing strategy, but feel free to reach out to us to see how we can help develop a unique strategy for your company.

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