What to Do if Your Social Media Isn’t Bringing New Clients

social media marketing plan

The dream for every business owner is to create content, share it on social media and sit back and watch the new clients come in. The reality is there’s a lot more to social marketing than this, and sometimes it gets to the point where business owners are frustrated that their efforts aren’t producing more clients. You’re not alone if you have similar feelings, but you also shouldn’t feel like you have a failed social media marketing plan. Sometimes simple adjustments are all you need to increase your clientele.

Evaluate What Is Not Currently Working

The first thing to do before revising your social media strategy is to evaluate what isn’t working. Are your posts heavy on engaging content that doesn’t have a lot to do with your business? Do you post sporadically rather than on a consistent schedule? These are common characteristics of a social media strategy that never gain any traction when it comes to new customers. Customers may read your content, but if it doesn’t inspire them to make a purchase, then you’ll be doing a lot of work with very little return.

Develop A Goal-Oriented Social Media Strategy

Some strategies need a complete overhaul, while others just need minor tweaks. Once you determine the most ineffective aspects of your current strategy, you can move forward to creating a more goal-oriented strategy. Set a goal for increasing your amount of followers each month and turning a certain percentage of those followers into customers. Strategic usage of hashtags and unique content may bring in an audience you didn’t expect, but those could end up being your most loyal customers. Measure and evaluate your goals at the end of each month and tweak your use of hashtags, posting frequency or type of content posted accordingly.

Embrace The Grind And Be Proactive

Every once in a while you may create a post that gets shared by thousands of people and lead to a large number of sales. However, most of the time you have to embrace a methodical approach and understand it takes time to build trust with customers. Always look at the metrics for each type of post you publish and your social media strategy as a whole. Being proactive with how you adjust your strategy can be an effective way to reach a larger audience and convert more followers into customers.

Blazing Social helps business owners make their social marketing efforts easier and more effective. Every strategy we help develop has your specific industry in mind and we will have a collection of posts ready to go that are relevant to your audience. If you’ve struggled with bringing in new clients or converting existing followers into clients, contact us today to see how we can help you tweak your strategy and boost your clientele.

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