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social media marketing ideas

Bring Your Brand to Light on Social Media

Every company and brand should be on social media, but it’s not good enough just to simply have an account. You have to be active and engage with your audience while providing them quality content that provides value to them. … Read More

social media marketing ideas

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Your Customer Retention

Most social media marketing ideas companies discuss internally involve increasing their number of followers. It makes sense since the more followers you have, the better your chances are of engaging with customers and extending your reach. However, while increasing the … Read More

social media marketing

The Use of Videos are More Effective Than You May Think

Consumers have become more reliant on videos to help them decide which product to purchase or even which company to do business with. Incorporating a video or two on your website may increase engagement slightly, but you have to also … Read More

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Are You Ready to Increase Your Social Media Engagement?

There are many misconceptions surrounding what social media engagement actually is. Most people believe engagement is simply the number of likes, shares and comments on any given post. However, while these actions demonstrate interest from your followers, they don’t necessarily … Read More

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