The Use of Videos are More Effective Than You May Think

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Consumers have become more reliant on videos to help them decide which product to purchase or even which company to do business with. Incorporating a video or two on your website may increase engagement slightly, but you have to also ensure the videos are effective and targeted. Each video needs to have a defined purpose so consumers either know exactly what to do next or help them make a final decision on their purchase. Here are some effective ways to use videos in your digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Engagement

Virtually every company looks for ways to improve their social media marketing. The main metric to focus on social media is engagement. Videos you share on Facebook or Twitter will likely get more engagement than a video you simply post on your website. And depending on how effective the video is, consumers may share your post on their profile to extend its reach even farther. Running a social media promotion with a video explaining the promotion in detail will boost engagement significantly. Just make sure the social media promotion appeals to your targeted customer base so the interest in participating will be higher.

Emails With Videos Get Opened More Often

It doesn’t do much good to have a large email list when none of the recipients open your email. If that’s the case with your email marketing, then you have to find a way to make your recipients look forward to opening your email. Start by including a link to a video at the top of your email. Make the subject line intriguing and relevant to what your video is about so the recipient will be more compelled to click on it. The content in the email should simply summarize what the video is about, but the video itself should do most of the talking. Embedding the video into the body of the email can be tricky and ineffective at times, so it’s usually best to put a link to the video on your website.

Website Videos Drive Sales

Videos explaining your products or services are great digital marketing tools. They may take time to create, but when you factor in consumer engagement and increased conversion rates, they are well worth it. An effective video on your website may include a description of a product, how it’s used, how it’s made, what other customers are saying about it and a brief summary of your company. If two companies have similar products and a consumer can’t decide which one is best for them, the chances of them choosing the one with a video description are much higher since they feel more familiar with it.

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