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Top Two Tips for Social Media Engagement

Putting together a social media strategy can be as complicated as you want it to be. Setting goals and analyzing metrics are important, but you don’t want to get too consumed with the numbers and forget about the most crucial … Read More

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4 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Your Customer Retention

Most social media marketing ideas companies discuss internally involve increasing their number of followers. It makes sense since the more followers you have, the better your chances are of engaging with customers and extending your reach. However, while increasing the … Read More

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What to Do When Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working

Too many business owners make the mistake of thinking the more followers they have on social media, the higher their profits will be. This may be true in some situations, but social media marketing is always a work in progress. … Read More

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Is Organic Social Media Marketing Here to Stay?

Whether you’ve recently opened your business or if you’ve been established for several years, finding the perfect marketing plan can be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to social media marketing. With paid social media ads becoming the … Read More

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What to Do if Your Social Media Isn’t Bringing New Clients

The dream for every business owner is to create content, share it on social media and sit back and watch the new clients come in. The reality is there’s a lot more to social marketing than this, and sometimes it … Read More

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Social Media Word of Mouth is More Impactful Than You Think

Word-of-mouth marketing has been a viable strategy since the beginning of human communication. Statistics show people are more likely to trust the opinion of their friend, family member or co-worker than the opinion of a complete stranger or the company … Read More

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How to Incorporate Social Media Into the Customer Journey

Customers don’t like to be sold a product or service. Rather, they would like to be presented with information about your product or service and be allowed to make an informed decision based on it. This is true whether you’re … Read More

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How to Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

The basic component of any online digital marketing strategy is tailoring it to your target audience. While this may seem obvious, it’s sometimes not as easy as it sounds depending on the industry you work in. For example, you may … Read More

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